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'Copy Theme' Tool


Copied Theme Settings

Please note: If you have an existing color scheme and an event banner established within your event, 'Copy Theme' will override the current color theme and banner settings. The following fields are what the 'Copy Theme' settings will replace:

-Header Image Background Color
-Awesome Bar Top Color
-Awesome Bar Bottom Color
-Awesome Bar Text Color
-Footer Top Color
-Footer Bottom Color
-Footer Text Color
-Footer Text Rollover Color
-Login Header Top Color
-Login Header Bottom Color
-Login Header Text Color

Choose the event and product

In the Harvester, navigate to the Settings page, select 'Tools' then select 'Copy Theme'.

A popup will appear giving two dropdown menus: 'Event' and 'Product'.

The Events dropdown is listed in reverse chronological order and be formatted as:
Date Range - Event Name - (Event ID #)

The Product dropdown will list the products available to choose from (Scorecard, Education Harvester, Expo Harvester, Survey Magnet).

Theme Preview

When a user chooses an Event and a Product, a preview of the theme that was selected based on that event and product should appear below the "Theme Preview" text.

The preview should include:
-The banner image
-The awesome bar top, bottom, and text colors
-The footer top, bottom, and text colors,
which match the product and event that you are copying these settings from.

If you are happy with the preview, click the blue 'Copy Theme' button in the lower right hand corner of the popup. Your color theme settings will then be applied to your event.